5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge (Day 5)

For my final photo of the challenge, I wanted to share this image of a penny.  It’s not just any penny, it is one of a series of pennies and dimes that have appeared at my house over the past few years during difficult times in my life.  There are a couple of schools of thought on the source of these found coins, one of which is that my children and husband are absentmindedly dropping a single coin in random, strange places.  This is certainly possible. Another thought is that the coins are messages from those in the afterlife.  Yikes!

I am easily creeped out, so I tend to avoid dark stuff.  But I was intrigued by the fact that I kept finding coins. Friends and family were experiencing it, too.  Then one morning, I discovered a dime in my bed and it prompted me to do research about found coins.  I loved what I read, so I shared the experience on my Facebook page.  Here’s what I wrote:

I found a dime in my bed this morning. I pulled my covers to make my bed and found a dime exactly where I had been sleeping. Sure, it could have fallen out of my pocket at some point, but wouldn’t I have seen it last night as I climbed into and out of bed?

I learned about the significance of a single found coin from a friend, who would find coins following her dad’s passing and from my sister, who tells unbelievable stories of finding coins in her home following the passing of our father and our grandparents.

As usual, these supernatural stories freaked me out, particularly when I began to find coins in my own home. But as time has gone by, I have settled into an acceptance of this wondrous gift from my loved ones.

After finding the dime in my bed this morning, I Googled “Dimes from Heaven” and found this interesting blog. Enjoy!

It’s not just me experiencing this phenomenon.  There is a poem, a famous song and a movie about “Pennies From Heaven.”  The song and the movie seem to be about good fortune, and the poem is definitely about communication from those who have passed on. When I Google “Dimes from Heaven,” a huge list of articles appear about the topic.  With all of this collective evidence, it must be a real “thing”… right? 

I’m the first to admit that it sounds a bit out there, but I feel a sense of peace knowing that my loved ones who have passed on are watching over me. Whenever I find a coin, I whisper thanks to my loved ones and feel grateful for the wonderful connection to those I treasure so dearly.  Many people also share similar stories, but instead of coins, they find butterflies, birds, and white feathers.

Thanks to Renee Kipp from R ‘n R on the Road and Judd Weaver from It’s A RV Life for nominating me for the 5 day Black and White Photo Challenge.  I am also required to nominate one fellow blogger to participate in the challenge each day.

I would like to nominate my friend,Glynis Valenti of ArtSoulWine to participate in the challenge, too.  Glynis and I first met several years ago when she wrote a feature story about my mother for the local newspaper.  She and I immediate connected due to our shared love of travel, photography, and family.  Glynis was a my very first Guest Blogger and we collaborated on an article about my Harvest Hosts stay at Adams County Winery in Gettysburg, PA.  Glynis is not an RVer (yet), but she is a fellow Wanderluster and has several photography and lifestyle blogs, which qualifies her for this challenge.  I know you will enjoy Glynis’ photography and her unique spin on all things that nourish the mind, body, and soul.


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