5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge (Day 3)

My daughter is the subject of the third photo in the challenge.  I captured this moment while camping at Taughannock State Park. I love how the sun shines so brightly above her and illuminates her hair and skin.  It’s the embodiment of how I’ve always perceived my daughter – bright, sunny, warm.

Thanks to Renee Kipp from R ‘n R on the Road and Judd Weaver from It’s A RV Life for nominating me for the 5 day Black and White Photo Challenge.  I am also required to nominate one fellow blogger to participate in the challenge each day.  I would like to nominate Bo & Cristi Smith of RVing America: Our Life On the Road to participate in the challenge, too.  Bo and Cristi don’t have a formal blog, but they have a great Facebook page that documents their journey the same way that a blog does.  They are new to the fulltime lifestyle and have a lot of enthusiasm for life and for RVing.  I also enjoy their group “RV Talk” on Facebook, as well.

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