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Welcome to Ardent Naturals

You may know us as happy campers from our blog “CU On The Road,” in which we share life and travel adventures in Bessie the RV.  We also have big passion for natural health and home remedies, which led us into developing alternatives to the chemical-laden commercial products that are found in stores.  

Our hobby is evolving into a business called, “Ardent Naturals.” It’s the perfect name, really.  Ardent means “passionate, enthusiastic, fervent” – and that’s exactly how we feel about making a positive difference with natural health and wellness solutions. This stuff really works, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.


Essential Oil Blends


Our Essential Oil Blends are formulated to support a variety of health and wellness needs for an affordable price, with the ultimate goal of helping our customers to feel great naturally. Whether you need a natural alternative for digestive issues, occasional headaches, sleeplessness or an extra pep in your step, Ardent Naturals has a wonderful essential oil blend to help.


Beard Oil & Shave Oil

Shave Oil & Beard Oil

Our Shave Oil provides an exceptionally close shave without irritation.  Explore our fragrant offering of Beard Oils, which naturally soften and tame your facial hair and nourish the skin below.


Product Catalog

We invite you to browse our latest Product Catalog to explore our handcrafted Essential Oil Blends, Beard Oil and Shave Oil.   


Contact Us

If you see something you are interested in, please reach out via email to For product updates and articles about natural health, please “like” our Facebook page.


Why is Ardent Naturals Hanging Out at CU On The Road?

While we’re deciding how our online presence will look, we thought it would be easiest to use our existing website to share our products with those who might be interested in learning more.

Thank you!



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Killing Bugs Naturally

I am a bit of an insectophobe. I can tolerate bugs when I am outside. After all, I’m visiting their home. But my tolerance runs out when they visit my home or RV, especially when they start buzzing around (and landing in) my family’s food (and their hair).  

I really don’t like to use chemical pesticides, and have tried to avoid them as much as possible. My recent experience with a fruit fly invasion allowed me to experiment with a natural solution to get rid of fruit flies that I’ve read about on the internet – Apple Cider Vinegar and liquid dish detergent. Continue Reading

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