Class A Motorhome Considerations

We decided that we wanted an RV.  We searched high and low for the “right” RV for us.  Here are my observations and conclusions about Class A Motorhomes: 

Class A Motorhome Observations:

  • Class A Motorhomes are really big. The entire time we shopped, my inner dialogue went something like this – “This is a bus.  Literally, a bus!  Isn’t a CDL required for a bus?!?”  When I climbed into the driver’s seat of a Class A, I was amazed that the passenger seat was so far away. I wondered if the entire rig would fit into one lane on the road and whether I could keep it there.
  • The distance from the road to the driver’s seat is intimidating.  The driver is perched up high, high from the road.  When combined with the fishbowl appearance of the HUGE windshield, I worried how the great visibility would force me to experience terrifying heights when traveling over bridges and mountains.  Can you say, “Panic Attack?”  
  • The gigantic size of Class A Motorhomes makes them very comfortable.  The kitchens are roomy. The living areas have recliners and a couch.  The bedrooms are nicely sized and we could add optional bunk beds for the kids.  The bathrooms are larger and there is ample inside and outside storage.  The family could spread out, even while driving, helping everyone to enjoy the journey AND the destination.
  • The generous space and the features come at a high price, which can be legitimized depending on how we planned to use the motorhome.  A friend owns a Class A and was able to justify the expense because they view it as a summer home.  I love that idea.  And now that I have a few years of experience under my belt, I agree with that perspective.

Class A Motorhome Conclusions (An Exclusive Peek):

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Being RV newbies, we felt that purchasing a Class A Motorhome was bigger and more expensive than what we needed (for the time being).   We set our sights on finding the right Class C Motorhome for us.
Do you own a Class A Motorhome or a different type of RV?   Please share how you made the decision of one type of RV over another.


More Observations:


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