Experiences Are More Important Than Things

I had a health scare. I was admitted to a local hospital overnight for some testing.  It happened while my husband was having his own medical issue.  We were hospitalized in two different hospitals in two different cities at the same time.  We had great support from family and friends and we are both totally fine.

My hospitalization was one of a series of medical events that occurred over several days that have left me feeling relieved, grateful and pensive.

I have always liked hospitals.  Seriously, it’s true!   They feel like a small city within a city, where the best and brightest come together to help those in need.  They’re places of reverence, where miracles and important life-altering things happen every single day.  I have witnessed these miracles as I held vigil for some of my nearest and dearest.  The “Miracle of Modern Medicine” is a real thing to me.  Many of those miracles have occurred at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Despite years of working in and around hospitals, and accompanying loved ones as they navigated the health care system, I had never actually been a patient in a hospital (except to give birth to my children).   Being on the receiving end of doting professionals has a tendency to put things into perspective.  The latent fears many of us carry about death suddenly become real, which can be frightening.

I’ve been reflecting on the things that are the most important to me, and the decisions my hubby and I have made about life’s direction.  After emerging successfully from years of coping with serious illness among our closest loved ones, our gratitude for life and good health is what prompted us to purchase our RV several years ago.

As I peek out at Bessie the RV sitting in my driveway awaiting her next adventure, I am reminded that experiences are more important than things.  And for us, RVing is the way we enrich our lives.  Traveling together, feeling grateful for the gift of good health and for each other.

Life sure does has a way of showing us what’s important…and what’s not.


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  • Reply explorvistas October 17, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Glad you guys are ok, Chris! Yes, life is too short..we have to live it while we are able.

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