History Meets Wine: Fantastic Overnight RV Parking In Gettysburg, PA

After spending time at Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center (more about our visit to Gettysburg in our next article), we headed to Adams County Winery to relax, enjoy some wine, and to park our RV for the night.  Adams County Winery is a Harvest Hosts destination, a part of a nationwide network of wineries and farms that allow RVers to stay on their property overnight at no cost (when you pay the $40-$44 annual membership fee).

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Traveling to Adams County Winery was a short 20 minutes from Gettysburg National Military Park and Museum. The winery’s location was a bit off the beaten path, on curvy, sometimes hilly country roads, which gave way to smaller orchard-lined roads.  It was a picturesque drive.

As we pulled in to the winery, we were taken aback by the beauty of our surroundings.  There was a lovely garden, with flowers so large and vibrant, it was like we stepped into the magical world of Oz.  The Hibiscus were as big as a dinner plates.

Historic Charm Meets A Woman Hiding In The Bushes

Adams County Winery

The winery was housed in a converted barn that was built after the Civil War.  It’s design was fitting to the area, and was a perfect blend of casual charm and history.  The winery features a huge porch topped with wine arbors, which invites you to have a seat and get lost in the moment.

Parking was a breeze.  The owners had RV Parking area on a flat concrete pad and later stopped by to welcome us to their property.

As we strolled through the gardens, we came across a pig (not real), a dog named Rusty (real) and an extremely friendly kitty (real… and adorable).  My daughter has an affinity for cats so they followed each other around during our entire stay at Adams County Winery.

In addition to the adorable animals, I was fascinated by the discovery of a large, carnival-like painting in the shrubs. At first, it was startling to see this woman tucked in their landscaping… which quickly changed to delight that someone would think of tucking a painting into landscaping.


The inside of the  building was quaint, with much of the original woodwork on display.  The vibe was cool, with great music and happy, helpful staff who expertly matched wines to our taste.  In the end, we walked out with a couple of bottles of Rusty Red, a sweet red wine, which prominently features a photo Rusty, the lovable winery dog.

I Get Wine With A Little Help From My Friend

A bottle of Rusty Red

mmmm….. Rusty Red.

Even though I love red wine, I am the first to admit that I have an “under-developed palate.”  In other words, I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to wine, except “mmmm….. it’s sweet and red.”

My lack of experience with wines (not to mention traveling with two younger kiddos) can be a barrier for spending the time needed at a winery to become more knowledgeable.  Luckily for you, dear readers, what I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm.  I should tattoo this on my forehead, right alongside of my other motto, “I know just enough to be dangerous.”

Although I’m back home in Ohio, this article provided the perfect opportunity to learn more about the wines of Pennsylvania and Adams County Winery.  To help with this project, I called upon writer/photographer Glynis Valenti, an avid wine enthusiast and blogger at www.artsoulwine.com to sample Adam’s County Winery’s wines.

Glynis knows wines, and she shares her experience in her weekly wine reviews on her blog.  I am regularly amazed by Glynis’ ability to isolate flavors (nutty vs. citrus vs. chocolate) and analyze the individual tastes of each wine she samples.  Glynis also makes recommendations in the articles (as well as to restaurants/caterers in her community) about foods that will enhance the taste of the wine.  It’s kind of mind-blowing.  Remember, I’m of the “mmmm…. sweet and red” mindset.

An Exclusive Look: Reviewing Three Wines From Adams County Winery

Glynis reached out to Adams County Winery and after speaking with the retail manager, had three bottles wine mailed to her home.  Click here to read Glynis’ review of these wines, including food pairing suggestions and the background of Pennsylvania wines.  Thanks to Glynis for helping me to get a better understanding of wine, and I hope that she will shed a little light on the topic for you, too.

To learn more about Adams County Winery, and their schedule of upcoming events, visit their website at www.adamscountywinery.com.

About Glynis:

Glynis Valenti’s twisting and turning path has taken her through cities, suburbs, beaches and farmland, usually with a camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. She is currently a lifestyles, food and wine writer/photographer for an Ohio Valley newspaper. In Oregon she was an artist and freelance photographer and writer. Her wine education began over 20 years ago and continues to this day. It has encompassed wine collecting, conducting wine tastings for private parties and public events, and selling wine in her wine shop/gallery and for a California-based distributor.   You can follow Glynis’ weekly wine picks and nourishment for the mind, body and soul in her blog www.artsoulwine.com.

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