Five Favorite Gettysburg Moments

It’s taken me a lot longer than intended to share our experiences at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center.  As I looked through my images and videos, I found that they tell a powerful story on their own (with a little commentary from yours truly).  The following are my Five Favorite Gettysburg Moments:

#1 The Battlefield Bus Tour 

One of my favorite things about visiting Gettysburg was the bus tour.  We had a wonderful tour guide, Jeff Mummert, Licensed Battlefield Guide, who told the most interesting, entertaining, and sad stories about the Battle of Gettysburg.  I really enjoyed this colorful true story of John Burns, the oldest civilian to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg.

#2 Little Round Top

A word to describe Little Round Top… haunting.  I took this video standing on top of Little Round Top, overlooking Devil’s Den (the group of rocks in the beginning of the video).   The geography of this hill led to 565 Union casualties (134 killed, 402 wounded, 29 missing) and 1,815 Confederate casualties (279 killed, 868 wounded, 219 missing).  Jeff, our tour guide, said the creeks were flowing red with the blood of the soldiers.  In my mind’s eye, I envisioned hundreds of men fighting over this very landscape, crawling up this hill, only to meet their end.  It is a chilling and sad place.

#3 Moving Images of Soldiers in Gettysburg National Military Park and Museum

I was drawn to this wall of photos, and in particular, to this photo of Albert Frost.  His serious expression and piercing eyes were sobering.











#4 Monuments

There are many, many monuments at Gettysburg.  The grandest monument of them all is arguably the Virginia monument, which is topped by an impressive statue of Robert E. Lee atop his horse.  I was awed by most of the monuments we that we encountered.  But there were a handful of statues that made me pause and reflect.  Here are two of them:

Monument of General Gouverneur K. Warren Atop Little Round Top

This life-sized statue stood atop Little Round Top, and it helped to recreate the gruesome battle in my mind’s eye.

General Gouvernour K. Warren was a prominent general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He is best remembered for arranging the last-minute defense of Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg and is often referred to as the ‘Hero of Little Round Top.'”

Monuments of Soldiers Holding Clubs

During our tour, we observed several monuments of soldiers holding their rifles like clubs.  Our tour guide explained that it took so long to reload the musket when in close battle that the soldiers were forced to swing their guns like clubs during hand-to-hand fighting.  It was a sobering reminder about the brutality of war.


#5 Where We Stayed

While in Gettysburg, we used our Harvest Hosts membership and had a fabulous overnight stay at Adam’s County Winery.

Click here to read our experience at Adam’s County Winery-  History Meets Wine: Fantastic Overnight RV Parking in Gettysburg, PA


Have you ever visited Gettysburg, PA?  What was your most memorable experience or interesting new fact that you learned about the Battle of Gettysburg?

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  • Reply RetiredVagabond August 18, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Great timing, I am headed north from Savannah, Ga to Gettysburg. I should be there the second week in September. I just saw your posting and I definitely will read it thoroughly for some hints on what to see. Great article, Thanks

  • Reply Bill Miller August 18, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Just wanted to add this as you mentioned soldiers as men once or twice.. I am the Ohio Commander of VUMS,, Veterans of Under Age Military Service.. In the United States the count of underage is far from Accurate and is over 3,000.. many of the soldiers In the civil war were kids and some younger than Joey,, our count is of all wars.. I seen the same things you posted when I did a visit to Gettysburg but looks like the light show has been modernized… I also wonder if you heard mention of how far those rifles were effective also meaning how close they had to be in battle to actually be half accurate and able to kill…. About the length of a Football Field,,, WW 1 used a more efficient weapon and so on as time went on..

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