Free Winery & Farm Overnight RV Parking

RVing BEFORE Harvest Hosts

Picture this.  You are on vacation.  For several days, you hopscotch to various destinations so you can thoroughly explore an area. Or maybe you’ve been driving for hours and need a break. Out of necessity, you are grateful to come across the parking lot of a rest area, Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club to rest your weary head.

RVing AFTER Harvest Hosts

Now picture this… at the end of a long day of traveling, you pull into a winery or a farm.  An incredible landscape unfolds before you with beautiful flowers, trees, a vineyard, and sometimes, animals.  You step out of your RV, take a deep breath, pull up a chair and slow down for the night in lovely, peaceful surroundings.

Sounds perfect, right?  Speaking from experience, it is as perfect as it sounds. 


Overlooking Seneca Lake at Chateau Lafayette Reneau Winery in Hector, NY


What Is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a brilliant idea that benefits both RV travelers and local wineries and farms.  For RVers, it provides a wonderful alternative to a parking lot or a crowded (and pricey) RV park for an overnight stay.  For the winery or farm, Harvest Hosts provides an influx of new customers and positive PR.

Nationwide Directory Of Farms And Wineries

We paid $40 for an annual Harvest Hosts membership, which provides access to a network of wineries and farms across the country who will let you park in their lots overnight…. for FREE! Once you join, you have access to a directory of the Harvest Hosts locations across the US, which will also describe the size and number of RVs they can accommodate, whether they are pet-friendly, and some of the “extras” that you can get while you are there, like WiFi.

The directory is online, and it’s also printable. Before our vacations last year, I printed the directory for the states in which we were traveling so we’d have a resource for places to stay as we wandered to and fro.  Keep in mind that the directory is continuously updated, so it’s helpful to revisit (and reprint) the directory each time you travel.

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An Exclusive Peek: Buying An Annual Membership, The Rules & Why We Love Harvest Hosts

Purchasing the annual membership is fast and easy.  Just click here to purchase a membership online.  You can print out a membership card and a sign to place on the dashboard of your RV or tow vehicle.

Harvest Hosts Rules And Expectations

There are some rules to follow, but they are extremely do-able.  Basically, your RV needs to be self-contained and you should call in advance of your stay (24 hours is requested).  Also, in return for their hospitality, it is expected that you will buy something from the Harvest Host’s store, which is no hardship at all.  You are helping to support a local business. The food and wine you purchase can be enjoyed while camping or given as a unique gift or a momento from your adventures. There is an added benefit that you can enjoy wine-tastings and weekend activities without the worry of having to drive. Your house is hanging out in their parking lot!  For other questions, please see the FAQ section on Harvest Host’s website (in the Navigation bar on the left side).

Reasons We Love Harvest Hosts

  1. It’s super affordable.  For $40 per year, you can stay overnight at farms and wineries across the country for free.  If you compare Harvest Host’s annual membership fee to an overnight stay at an RV park, the annual fee pays for itself the first night.
  2. The Harvest Hosts settings are picturesque and tranquil, a true respite for road-weary travelers.
  3. You get to experience local culture in a quality way.  Eat the food, sample the wines, and enjoy the herbs that are produced and prepared locally, which adds depth to your travels.

Do you have questions?  Tell us about your Harvest Host experience.

The opinions expressed in this article are based on our personal experiences.  We’ll CU On The Road!

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