Traveling To The Henry Ford Museum

We entered The Henry Ford Museum with only four hours to spend before closing.  For me, that was the perfect amount of time, but we could have easily spent a couple of days seeing all that the museum had to offer.

The biggest surprise was that the museum is not limited to Henry Ford’s incredible accomplishments.  Rather, the museum is an ode to american innovation and history.  We’re not just talking about automotive history, the museum also has sections spotlighting  Americana, as well as many items that are important in American History, such as Rosa Park’s bus, the Limo that Kennedy was assassinated in, and the Spirit of St. Louis (and so much more).


The museum has impressive sections dedicated to Aeronautics, Agriculture, Train Transportation, Manufacturing, American History and Automobiles.  As far as I could tell, many of the items in the museum were originals, not replicas, which in itself was incredible.   There were a few exceptions, such as The Spirit of St. Louis was not the actual plane flown by Charles Lindbergh, but it was the plane used in the movie, “The Spirit of St. Louis.”

I was absolutely delighted by the sections that spotlighted American interests and popular culture through the years, with fun interactive displays.  I laughed like a loon at my kids standing in front of a green screen, appearing to be in a MTV video from the 1980’s (my teen years).


The Henry Ford Museum gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from CU On The Road!  It’s a very special and important place.  We’re looking forward to returning someday to see all the other parts of the museum, including Greenfield Village.

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  • Reply explorvistas July 8, 2015 at 6:02 am

    We love that museum, Chris! Did you see the beaker containing Thomas Edison’s last breath? While Jimmy Stewart didn’t actually fly that plane in the movie, he was an accomplished pilot. He flew B-17’s and B-24’s in WWII. He even flew a combat mission over Vietnam in a B-52. He ended up as a Brigadier General, and was the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.

    Yes, that museum is well worth the time to visit!


    • Reply Chris Hughes July 12, 2015 at 11:24 am

      A beaker with Edison ‘ s last breath? No! That would have been fascinating!It was a great trip! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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