Shawshanked at the Ohio State Reformatory

If touring creepy, historic prisons and getting a “behind the scenes” look at a famous movie filming location is your cup of tea, you are in for a treat.

We had the pleasure of visiting The Ohio State Reformatory, located in Mansfield, Ohio, a prison that was built in 1886 and closed in 1990.  This magnificent structure was built for young first-time offenders to have a spiritual rebirth and later became famous for violence and inhumane conditions.  It housed over 155,000 men over the years, and is now a museum and historical site. Continue Reading

Canoeing (Backwards) Down The Mohican River

We used our Harvest Hosts membership and to help us plan an interesting and adventurous Memorial Day weekend.  One of our stops was at Mohican Adventures, an extravaganza of fun outdoor stuff, including an Arial Park, go-karts, and a large canoe livery.  We decided to try a seven mile canoe trip because it sounded like an awesome family adventure. I envisioned us paddling down the river, in total control of our boat, smiling and enjoying the scenery.  Although traveling seven miles would be challenging, I believed it would be manageable.  I’ve never been in a canoe before (except during 6th grade camp, which was a long, long time ago), but I thought, “How hard can it be?”  Well….  Continue Reading

Hairy Barry: Still An Anxious Dog?

A while back, I wrote a few articles about our wonderful, anxious dog, Hairy Barry.  So many readers really seemed to enjoy his story (and identified with our struggles) that I wanted to provide an update on how The Hairy Dude is doing.

Want to know more about what worked and didn’t work to help our newly adopted anxious dog, Hairy Barry?  Click here to check out the article series: “The Hairy Barry Chronicles.”   Continue Reading

Experiences Are More Important Than Things

I had a health scare. I was admitted to a local hospital overnight for some testing.  It happened while my husband was having his own medical issue.  We were hospitalized in two different hospitals in two different cities at the same time.  We had great support from family and friends and we are both totally fine. Continue Reading

Big Foot

If you are a guy, you’re probably going to want to stop reading now.  Or, better yet, forward this post to the women in your life. 

This post is about shoes.  It’s not really related to RVing except that the lifestyle lends itself to sandals and I seem to have spoiled my feet for anything that isn’t comfortable and/or orthopedic.

Continue Reading

How To Order Essential Oils

Ready to get started?  Please click here to order Essential Oils or any of Young Living’s fabulous products for you, your family, pets and your home! 

Want more information?  I designed this page to answer questions about Young Living, essential oils, and to help you get started on your own oily journey.   Please keep reading if you are wondering the following questions:

  • What is Young Living?  
  • What is in the Premium Starter Kit?  
  • How do I order oils?
  • What is Essential Rewards?
  • What oils work for animals?
  • Is there a product guide available?      Continue Reading

Harvest Hosts & Fox Hollow Farms

Picture this. You drive through winding, hilly country roads and finally turn onto the long driveway of a farm. After parking, you open the door to your RV and pause to take in your surroundings. You see green rolling hills and bright, golden sun kissing the crops and vegetation that surrounds you. You hear the wind as it rustles through trees and the light clucking of chickens, funny little snorts from pigs and the far away baaaaah-ing of a herd of sheep. You smell earth and clean air, with tinges of farm aromas. There is no one else around. It feels peaceful … and alive. Continue Reading

Losing It.

I am an insectophobe.  One of my greatest fears is lice in my kids’ hair.  Particularly in my daughter’s long, curly hair.  My fear is based on experience. You see, bugs love Abby.  She’s had lice twice, a spider egg hatch in her bedroom, fleas in her bed from a stray cat that she snuck into our home, a tick embedded in her scalp, and what seemed like hundreds of swollen, bruised mosquito bites all over her body.   Continue Reading