RV Decisions: Trading Up vs. Sprucing Up

After months of indecision about whether to keep Bessie, our Class C RV, or upgrade to something larger to be more comfortable, we have finally made a decision.

Oodles Of Options

As we rolled up our sleeves to explore the possibility of purchasing another RV, we were once again impressed with the multitude of Motorhome options in the market.  There are some really great new and used RVs out there (you might have seen some of them on CU On The Road’s Facebook page).

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In addition to spending oodles of time online looking at RVs, we braved torrential downpours to view the latest and greatest at an RV Show.

Decision Time

After all of our research, our decision was made based on cost, timing, and value for our money.  In the end, we decided to keep Bessie for the foreseeable future.

Many Class C RVs have great features, but for the most part, they don’t look a lot different than our current RV.  And, in some cases, our RV is better.  We have bigger tanks than many new and used Class C RVs, more storage, hardwood cabinets and more floor space in our bedroom than many of the RVs that we looked at.

At this time in our lives, it isn’t worthwhile to make a significant investment in something that’s only moderately better.  Is a few more feet of room for recliners or a couch worth $35,000-$60,000 more in debt for an RV that we use 50 days per year?  I gotta say,  the answer is no… for now.

However, I believe that I will be able to justify that expense someday.  I want my next RV to be fabulous.  And I hope to experience that same “WOW!” feeling that I felt when walking into the Fleetwood Excursion (see photos below). I would rather wait for a bigger, luxurious RV than to spend a lot of money on another RV that just has a bit more room for a couch.  It will be worth the wait.

Comfort Is King

Although our RV is 13 years old, it’s still in great shape.  With minimal investment and some out-of-the-box thinking, I think we can make Bessie work for a while.  I’ve already started to make changes so we’re more comfortable.  I’ll share the updates in an upcoming article.

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So Much To Love At The RV Show:

An Exclusive Look At Forest River, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Coachmen, Jayco & Thor

[emaillocker id=”3454″]

Forest River Sunseeker:



Coachmen Leprechaun:


Jayco Redhawk:
Winnebago Aspect:

My Biggest Surprise

Class A RVs aren’t as scary as they used to look when we first began searching for RVs.  I walked through several Class A’s and thought that with a bit of driving training, they would be manageable to drive.  I still don’t know how people drive them through tight construction, though!

Although there were several interesting Class A’s (and a very cool hybrid), the one that made me drool was the Fleetwood Excursion.  The interior was, in a word, refined.  There were so many fabulous things about it, but the thing that really impressed me was the unbelievable comfort and butter-like texture of the leather seats.  The couch, the driver’s and passenger’s seats were luxurious. Even the bench seats at the dinette were comfortable.  They must be packed with memory foam because you just sink in them like, well, butter.  I loved almost everything about the Excursion.   It really gave me something to think about.

Fleetwood Excursion (My favorite of the day):


Thor Axis



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  • Reply explorvistas October 27, 2015 at 5:55 am

    Sounds like a great decision, Chris! As long as Bessie is roadworthy and isn’t going to cost a lot to keep her that way, that’s often the best choice…especially if you aren’t fulltiming yet. One thing we look at is the quality of the cabinets. We have a hard time finding cabinets as nice as the ones in our 2007. Only thing I didn’t like in them was the quality of the drawer glides, so I am switching those out for less than $200.

    Have fun!

    • Reply Chris Hughes October 27, 2015 at 1:33 pm

      Good point about the full time thing. Although we don’t have plans to full time for many, many years, my decision would have been different if we were full timing or coming close. Although we use Bessie about 50 days per year, all of those days are in a six month window of time because the RV is in storage for the remainder of the time. So using the RV 50 days out of 183 days per year (which is about 37% of the time) is actually a pretty good use of our investment, particularly if you look at your RV like a summer home (which we do). By keeping Bessie, we can keep our costs down (which is always a good thing) while still enjoying the lifestyle as a part-timer. And she is reliable and roadworthy, which is also a good thing.

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