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Campfire Cooking: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I’m not exactly Daniel Boone when it comes to cooking over a fire. I much prefer to cook my family’s meals inside of our small but comfortable RV kitchen or outside on an electric skillet. After more than my share of unevenly cooked food, burns and borderline asphyxiation, I am determined to master campfire cooking this camping season.

Really… how hard can it be to cook over a campfire? Well…  Continue Reading

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Pie Iron: A Revolutionary Cooking Tool (to me)

At the end of the camping season last year, my neighbors were a wonderful couple who showed me a very cool little tool, called a Pie Iron. You insert two slices of buttered bread and some toppings, press it together, put it over the fire and KAPOW!… you have a feast of campfire deliciousness. Being a totally inexperienced campfire cooker, I thought this was a revolutionary cooking concept! Wow!!!

My camping neighbor surprised me by tracking me down at work and bringing me my own Pie Iron. It was such a wonderful surprise. I was so delighted that I brought it to my workstation and showed all of my co-workers this innovate campfire cooking tool.

They responded probably the same way you are responding as you read this… that Pie Irons are basic campfire cooking stuff. Boy Scouts use them. They are in every camping isle of pretty much every store. Welll…. as I said, I’m pretty inexperienced.

So, as you can tell, cooking over the campfire is NOT my thing. More details:

But I would like to get better.  Any hints or suggestions to help me to improve my skills and results would be much appreciated!

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Campfire Cooking: What NOT To Do

Being new-ish RVers (and inexperienced campers), I have learned that preparing meals for a family goes most smoothly when I cook in an uncluttered kitchen.  Things start to get a little bumpy when my tiny cooking area is messy, and become downright hilarious/frustrating when I attempt to cook over the campfire. Continue Reading

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