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Upgrading vs. Keeping Our Current RV: Is The Grass Greener On The Bigger RV Side? 

Many of you have been in our shoes and have faced the decision of whether you want to keep your RV or upgrade to something bigger/better.  We’re pondering whether we should keep our current RV that is reliable and sort of close-ish to being paid off, but isn’t as comfortable as we’d like it to be. Or, should we purchase something that “fits” us better, but will be more expensive and could potentially have loads of problems.  We’re torn. Continue Reading

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History Meets Wine: Fantastic Overnight RV Parking In Gettysburg, PA

After spending time at Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center (more about our visit to Gettysburg in our next article), we headed to Adams County Winery to relax, enjoy some wine, and to park our RV for the night.  Adams County Winery is a Harvest Hosts destination, a part of a nationwide network of wineries and farms that allow RVers to stay on their property overnight at no cost (when you pay the $40-$44 annual membership fee).

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