Travel Trailer Considerations

Once we agreed to buy an RV, we narrowed down our choices between a travel trailer and a motorhome.  Here are my observations and conclusions about travel trailers (and pickup trucks):

Travel Trailer & Pick Up Truck Observations:

  • Travel trailers make a lot of sense for those who already own or are in the market to buy a pickup truck.
  • Generally, travel trailers are less expensive than motorhomes, because you are only buying the “home” without the “motor.” They offer a lot more space and amenities for the money.
  • The biggest plus is once you get to your destination, a travel trailer can be parked.  Your tow vehicle can then be used to explore the area and run errands.
  • Our current SUV is fully paid for (yay!) and cannot pull a mid-sized travel trailer.  So we’d have to buy a pickup truck AND a travel trailer – TWO big decisions, and TWO payments, which was a larger financial commitment than we were willing to make at the time.
  • Pickup trucks with crew cabs are behemoths.  Although my hubby was giddy with delight by the possibility of buying a pickup truck (it’s a testosterone thing, I think), an overnight test drive revealed that a pickup truck with a crew cab would BARELY fit in our garage.  And the only way it could squeeze in was if everything was removed, including our second car, which happens to be my car.  Well, that definitely wouldn’t work.  So, the truck would have to sit in our driveway, which is not ideal.
  • We are inexperienced.  In addition to being inexperienced campers AND inexperienced RVers, we’ve never actually towed something before. I had visions of looking in the rearview mirror and watching our travel trailer careen over a cliff or wobble dangerously behind us.  It seemed like too many new things to learn in a short time, which definitely felt overwhelming.
  • Our driveway is on a hill.  The thought of cutting in and driving the travel trailer up our 90 ft. sloped driveway – backwards – was more than we could get our arms around.
  • Our kids and the dog would be in the backseat of the tow vehicle when we traveled.  Even though my kids get along pretty well, they still annoy each other (and, therefore, annoy the parents) when they get restless.  Since I can’t strap them to the roof or make one of them sit in the truck bed when they misbehave, riding in the same vehicle means we’d all suffer (and it wouldn’t be in silence).  Another strike against travel trailers.

Travel Trailer/Pickup Truck Conclusions (An Exclusive Peek):

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A travel trailer would be a great option for us if we already owned a pickup truck.  Since we would have to buy a pickup truck (that wouldn’t fit in our garage) AND a travel trailer, and back it up our sloped driveway, and potentially have to tie our restless children to the roof, we decided that a travel trailer is not right for us (for the time being).
Do you have a travel trailer, a motorhome, or something else entirely?  Please share in the comments below how you decided on one type of RV over another?

More Observations:

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